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Overview of Prize Winners

In the column Kind, 1 stands for an interpretational and 2 for an improvisational competition.

Overview Prize Winners »

1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
Special Award
Audience Award
2018 1 Martin Sturm (Germany) - Sebastian Heindl (Germany)
Liubov Nosova (Russia)
  Sebastian Heindl (Germany)

Details for 2018 »

Thumb Preistraeger 2018The International Organ Competition by the ION for the “Johann Pachelbel-Preis” (Johann Pachelbel-Prize) turned fifty in 2018. The competition was held as an interpretation competition, the first round took place in St. Gumbertus (Ansbach) and St. Sebald (Nuremberg), the second round in Ebrach and the Frauenkirche in Nuremberg and the third round took place for the first time in St. Lorenz (Nuremberg).

The eleven participants came from eight different nations: Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Korea and Czech Republic. In the final, two German and one Russian musician competed for the Johann-Pachelbel-Prize. For the jury consisting of seven people with Christophe Mantoux as the head of the jury, the winner was clear: Martin Sturm won the 1st prize as well as the Antalffy-Prize for the best performance on historical organs. Sebastian Heindl and Liubov Nosova tshared the third prize, Sebastian Heindl additionally won the audience prize and the Max-Reger-Prize. Furthermore, the Bayerischer Rundfunk gave the winner of the 1st prize the opportunity for a CD-production. All three prize winners received numerous concert invitations by the ION, which were provided as award winners concerts in Germany and abroad.

The Jury:
Edoardo Bellotti , Italy
László Fassang, Hungary
Margareta Hürholz, Germany
Theo Jellema, Netherlands
Vita Kalnciema, Latvia
Samuel Kummer, Germany
Christophe Mantoux, France (Head of Jury)

2016 1 Kensuke Ohira (Japan) Lisa Hummel (Germany) Michal Kocot (Poland)   Lisa Hummel (Germany)

Details for 2016 »

Preisverleihung ION 2016 123The International Organ-Interpretation Competition by the 65th International Organ Week Nuremberg – Musica Sacra for the “Johann-Pachelbel-Preis” (Johann-Pachelbel-Prize) had its finale on the 11th of June 2016 in the Meistersingerhalle. Already the preliminary round in St. Gumbertus (Ansbach) and St. Sebald as well as the second round in St. Elisabeth and the Frauenkirche took place for the first time in front of an audience with publicly performing candidates.

The jury of seven people under the direction of Christophe Mantoux decided for Kensuke Ohira from Japan for the 1st prize. Apart from a prize money of 8,000 €, the winner received a radio production by the BR-Studio Franken, this recording will be published on CD by the Label “Spektral Records”. Lisa Hummel from Germany won 2nd prize, which was 4,000 €, furthermore the audience voted her as ‘audience favourite’. Michal Kocot from Poland won the 3rd prize with 2,000 €.

The special prize for the best performance on historical instruments, the Antalffy-Prize, founded by Balázs Szabó, ION-Awardee 2011, and Organbuilding AerisOrgona Kft went to Filip Presseisen frm Poland. Through this prize, he won a concert trip to Hungary to historical and important organs in the country. Johannes Lamprechtfrom Germany was chosen for the scholarship programme Concerto21 by the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S..

The three prize winners of the “Johannes-Pachelbel-Prize” 2016 were invited to over 35 Concerts in Germany and abroad.

The Jury of the International Organ-Interpretation-Competition

Christophe Mantoux, France (Head of Jury)
Christoph Bossert, Germany
László Fassang, Hungary
Gregory Hand, USA
Rie Hiroe, Japan
Vita Kalnciema, Latvia
Samuel Kummer, Germany

2013 1 Mari Fukumoto (Japan) Jan Doležel (Czeck Republic) Andreas Jud (Switzerland) - -

Details for 2013 »

Preisträger 2013The prize winners: Andreas Jud (3rd Prize), Mari Fukumoto (1st Prize) and Jan Doležel (2nd Prize). Picture: Hans von Draminski

On the evening of the 26th June 2013, the International Organ-Interpretation-Competition under the light of the 62nd International Organ Week Nuremberg – Musica Sacra for the “Johann-Pachelbel-Preis” (Johann-Pachelbel-Prize) by the Tucher’schen Kulturstiftung (Tuchers Cultural Foundation) ended with a clear-cut outcome.

The most convincing performance came from Mari Fukumoto from Japan – the jury consisting of five people awarded her the 1st prize. Jan Doležel from the Czech Republic received the 2nd prize and the 3rd prize went to Andreas Jud from Switzerland. In a Prize Winner Concert which was recorded by the Bayerischer Rundfunk, the winners performed on the 27th July 2013 in St. Sebald in Nuremberg with pieces from the competition repertoire, amongst others pieces by Johann Pachelbel, Johann Sebastian Bach and Max Reger.

For the Johann-Pachelbel-Prize from the International Organ-Interpretation-Competition the award advertised by the Tucher’sche Kulturstiftung was 8,000 € in total. Mari Fukumoto received 5,000 € for the 1st prize, Jan Doležel received 2,000 € for the 2nd prize and Andreas Jud received 1,000 € for the 3rd. The ION intends to publish a radio broadcast of the prize winner concert on CD. The 1st prize winner is also awarded with a radio production with the Bayerischer Rundfunk – Studio Franken. Furthermore, the prize winners were invited to over 30 concerts on organs in Germany and Switzerland.

Mari Fukumoto was born in Tokyo/Japan in 1987. She received her first organ tuition at the age of 12 by Hideyuki Itoh and Hiroko Asai, the organist of the Igunachio-Church in Tokyo. In 2005, she began her studies at the Tokyo Geijyutsu Daigaku, the National University for Art and Music, where she studied the organ under Tsugua Hirono and Yuichiro Shiina. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree with honours in 2009. She started her Master studies at the same university but switched to the University for Music and Theatre in Hamburg in October 2011. At the time of the competition she studied there under Wolfgang Zerer. Mari Fukumoto visited master classes with Michel Bouvard, Bine Brindorf, Arvid Gast, Olivier Latry, Ludger Lohmann, Rudolf Lutz, Pier Damiano Peretti, Michael Radulescu, Martin Sander and Harald Vogel. She won 1st prize at the 7th International Organ Competition by Musashino-Tokyo in September 2012.

Jan Doležel was born in 1984 and studied under Adam Viktora in Pilsen and Jaroslav Tůma in Prague as well as under Franz Danksagmüller and Hans-Jürgen Schnoor in Lübeck. He visited master classes amongst others with Hans-Ola Ericsson, Ton Koopman, Jon Laukvik, Michael Radulescu and Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini. Since 2005, he has won prizes at different competitions home and abroad and received numerous awards and grants. His many concerts led him to various organs in the whole of Europe, preferably historical instruments. Since 2012, Jan Doležel is a lecturer for organ at the University for Music in Würzburg, where he also teaches registration praxis, literature studies, methodology and didactics.

Andreas Jud was born in 1986 in Switzerland. From the age of seven, he received violin lessons and three years later among piano his first organ lessons. In 2003 he started his studies at the University for Music in Basel, where he achieved his Bachelor’s Degree in 2008 in organ classes under Jean-Claude Zehnder and Guy Bovet. Next to his Master’s Degree in organ under Martin Sander (2012), he received a Master-Diploma in musical education. He visited master classes with Guy Bovet, Thierry Eschaich, Bernhard Haas, Helga Schauerte, Zsigmond Szathmáry, Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini and Sieze de Vries. Andreas Jud received prizes and awards since 2010 at competitions in Basel, Kitzbühel and Montréal.

The Jury of the International Organ-Interpretation-Competition

Christoph Bossert, Germany (Head of Jury)
Andrés Cea Galán, Spain
Rie Hiroe, Japan
Stephan Hoffmann, Germany
Christophe Mantoux, France

2011 1 Sebastian Küchler-Blessing (Germany)
Balázs Szabó (Hungary)
- - - -
2009 1 Joon-Ho Park (South Korea) Yulia Yufereva (Russia) Dominik Bernhard (Germany) - -
2007 1 Matthias Maierhofer (Austria) Saki Aoki (Japan)
Maria Mokhova (Russia)
 - - -
2004 1 Ji-Youn Han
Christian Iwan (Austria) Ae-Ja Son (Korea) Christian Iwan Christian Iwan
2003 1 Andreas Jost
(Stäfa, Switzerland)
- Thomas Petersen (Freiburg)
Helene von Rechenberg (Vienna)
Andreas Jost Helene von Rechenberg
2002 2 Jean-Charles Robin (Sonchamps, France) - - - Jean-Charles Robin
2001 1 - Gunther Rost (Würzburg) Wolfgang Abendroth (Düsseldorf)
Jooyong Choi (Seoul)
Gunther Rost Jooyong Choi
2000 1 Petr Rajnoha
Antal Varadi (Stuttgart) Patrick Fritz (Freiburg) Antal Varadi Petr Rajnoha
1999 2 Hayo Boerema (Netherlands) - - - Hayo Boerema
1998 1 - - Tobias Lindner Petr Rajnoha (Prague) Petr Rajnoha
1997 1 - Won Sun Park Martin Schmeding Jin Kim Jon Sun Park
1996 2 Peter Bannister (Greatbritain) - - - Frédérik Blanc (Bordeaux)
1995 1 - Franz Danksagmüller (Austria) Waclaw Golonka (Poland) Franz Danksagmüller Susann Hartwich (Nuremberg)
1994 1 Christian Schmitt-Engelstadt (Germany) Torsten Laux Rie Hiroe
Christian Schmitt-Engelstadt Christian Schmitt-Engelstadt
1993 2 Wolfgang Hörlin (Regensburg) - - - Wolfgang Hörlin
1992 1 Rainer Oster (Saarbrücken) Andreas König (Hagen) Jörg-Hannes Hahn (Stuttgart) - Rainer Oster
1991 1 - Sigmund Bothmann (Detmold)
Andreas Gräsle
Gerhard Veser (Stuttgart) - Sigmund Bothmann
1989 2 Klaas Stok
(Zelhem, Netherlands)
- - - Wolfgang Seifen (Kevelaar)
1988 1 Antonius Bittmann (Freiburg) Christoph Anselm Noll (Andernach) - - Antonius Bittmann
1987 1 Heidi Emmert (Detmold) Matthew Dirst (Paris) Heinrich Walther (Freiburg) - Heidi Emmert
1986 2 Thomas Schmögner (Vienna) - - - Almuth Bretschneider (Munich)
1985 1 Naomi Matsui (Freiburg) Rainer Maria Rückschloß (Kirchheim) Jürgen Sonnentheil (Düsseldorf) - Rainer Maria Rückschloß
1984 1 Eberhard Lauer (Hamburg) Andreas Rothkopf (Dillingen) Stefan Palm (Bergisch Gladbach) - Eberhard Lauer
1983 2 Naji Hakim (Levallois-Perret, France) - - - Anna Buczek (Krakau, Poland)
1982 1 Wolfgang Kleber (Wiesbaden) Martin Strohhäcker (Weissach) - - Jaroslav Tuma (Prague, CSSR)
1981 1 - Hartmut Rohmeyer (Lübeck) Gerhard Gentschke - -
1980 2 Jaroslav Tuma (Caslav, CSSR) - - - -
1979 1 Christoph Bossert Margareta Hürholz Harald Feller - -
1978 2 Hans-Martin Corrinth (Karlsruhe) - - - -
1977 1 Jon Laukvik
Ludger Lohmann Karol Golebiowski - -
1975 1 Martin Lücker (Oldendorf) - - - -
1974 2 Peter Planyavsky (Vienna) - - - -
1968 1 Martha Schuster Michael Radulescu Guy Bovet - -
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